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The Regenerative Organic Certified application is separated into 6 sections.

Once you begin the application you will be able to save your progress, but we recommend completing the application in one session. We recommend gathering all the required information and documents before you begin.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Company and operation information, including tax ID, phone number and location
  • Personal information of your selected point of contact, including phone and email
  • Regenerative Operation Details:
    • Total acreage applying for ROC
    • Crop types and acreage
    • Livestock types
    • Number of livestock
    • Average number of workers
    • Peak number of workers
    • Primary sales method(s)
    • Type of product produced (for brands/processors only)
    • Number of processing facilities (for brands/processors only)
  • Details of how your farm, brand or operation aligns with the ROA’s mission and vision
  • List of the certifications you currently hold, and all current certificates in PDF form
    (up to three files – one for each pillar)
  • A list of the countries/markets you plan to export to, if applicable
  • Your Organic System Plan (OSP) and associated files (maps, nutrient management plan, etc.) (PDF)
  • An application fee (submitted electronically after application is submitted):
    • operation < five distinct parcels: fee is $350 USD
    • operation > five distinct parcels: fee is $550 USD
    • operation is a grower group: fee is $750 USD

Click the link below to begin when you have assembled all of the above information.


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