ROC Pilot Program & Participants

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We are pleased to share with you the details about the roll-out of the ROC pilot program. We received over 80 applications for our pilot program and are proud to share the list of trailblazing brands and farms who are leading the path to regenerative organic certification. The pilot participants must comply with the three pillars of Regenerative Organic Certification: Soil Health and Land Management, Animal Welfare and Farmer and Worker Fairness in order to achieve ROC certification. The goal of the pilot process is to develop a greater understanding on how the ROC standards can be implemented at the farm and ranch level in addition to providing information that will help to inform the creation of training materials, audit tools, guidance documents and more.

NSF International serves as the Oversight Body for the ROC program. NSF also functions as the scheme manager for the ROC program, which includes creating documentation, systems and processes to support the successful launch and implementation of the ROC program during the pilot phase and beyond. Our goal is to conclude our pilot audits by summer 2019 and be ready to open to general ROC applications by September.