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Before beginning an application, please make sure you have read and understand the full Regenerative Organic Certified™ framework and governing documents, available here and at

Please note: This application form is for producer operations only, i.e. farms, ranches, vineyards, and grower groups.

Start the Journey to Regenerative Organic Certified

This application is separated into 6 sections. Once you begin you will be able to save your progress, but we recommend completing the application in one session. We recommend gathering all the required information and documents before you begin.

In addition to general information about the operation applying, you’ll need:

  • A completed copy of the Operation Information & Certification Contract (JPG or PDF format). You will need to print & sign this document before beginning your application.
  • All current certificates (including organic certificates and any additional soil health, animal welfare, or social fairness certificates) in PDF form
  • A copy of your current organic system plan (OSP) in PDF form
  • For grower groups, a copy of internal control system (ICS) documentation in PDF form
  • Maps of the operation(s) in PDF form
  • An application fee (you will be prompted to submit payment electronically after your application is submitted):
    • operation < five distinct parcels: fee is $350 USD
    • operation > five distinct parcels: fee is $550 USD
    • operation is a grower group: fee is $750 USD
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