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Before beginning an application, please make sure you have read and understand the Regenerative Organic Certified® Framework and governing documents, including the Supply Chain Guidelines and Labeling Guidelines. The Regenerative Organic Certified Marks are trademarks owned by Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) and are used to indicate that a product is certified per the ROA’s guidelines. Only Regenerative Organic Certified producers and authorized licensees may use the Regenerative Organic Certified Marks. If you have questions about the application process for licensing with the ROA, please email

Please note: This application form is for supply chain actors who are seeking to license with the ROA. Licensing is required for any organization taking ownership and selling products, making Regenerative Organic Certified® claims, to more than one entity.

To be approved as a Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) licensee, brands must submit a Brand Regenerative Organic System Plan (ROSP) for the products intended to carry a Regenerative Organic Certified® claim. The Brand ROSP will be used by the ROA staff for your desk audit to verify that only eligible crops are used to make Regenerative Organic Certified® products and to conduct traceability audits. The requirements for brands are outlined in the ROA’s Supply Chain Guidelines and the Buyer’s Criteria section of the Regenerative Organic Certified® Framework. Guidelines for preparing for the desk audit are found in the Audit Preparation Guide for Brands, available for download.

Applicants are responsible for the ROA licensing fees and desk audit fees as outlined in the Cost and Fee Structure.

Each actor in a brand’s supply chain for Regenerative Organic Certified® products must complete the SCA Disclosure Form.  The completed forms will be uploaded in this online application.  All forms and governing documents can be found on our website at

Start the Journey as a Regenerative Organic Certified® Licensee

Once you begin you will be able to save your progress, but we recommend completing the application in one session. To streamline the process, please gather the following supporting documents before getting started.

Supporting documents:

  • A signed Brand License Agreement
  • Most recent organic certificate(s)
  • Completed Claimed Material Worksheet or equivalent documentation providing a supply chain map and individual product formulations
  • Completed Brand Regenerative Organic System Plan (ROSP)
  • Completed SCA Disclosure Form(s)
  • Drafts of all labels making a Regenerative Organic Certified claim
  • For renewing licensees, know your revenue earned, in the previous calendar year, from Regenerative Organic Certified product sales.
  • For new licensees, know your anticipated revenue from Regenerative Organic Certified product sales this calendar year
  • Know your organizations total annual gross revenue (ROC and non-ROC product sales)

Once submitted you will receive updates about the status of your application from Be sure to add this email address to your email contacts list.

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