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Before beginning an application, please make sure you have read and understand the Regenerative Organic Certified® framework, governing documents, and Supply Chain Guidelines. The Regenerative Organic Certified® Marks are trademarks owned by ROA and are used to indicate that a product is certified per ROA’s guidelines. Only Regenerative Organic Certified® producers and authorized licensees may use the Regenerative Organic Certified® Marks. If you have questions about the application process for licensing with the ROA, please email

Please note: This application form is for Supply Chain Actors who are seeking to License with the ROA. The Licensing is for brands making Regenerative Organic Certified® claims, brokers selling Regenerative Organic Certified® products on the open market, finished goods manufacturers, etc.

  • Supply chain actors who do not take ownership of or market Regenerative Organic Certified® products should register with the ROA.
  • Farm operations seeking to get certified to Regenerative Organic Certified® can apply with the ROA.

Start the Journey as a Regenerative Organic Certified® Licensee
Once you begin you will be able to save your progress, but we recommend completing the application in one session. To streamline the process, please gather the following supporting documents before getting started.

Supporting documents- Must be submitted in PDF, JPEG, PNG, XLSX,

  • A signed License Agreement listing all authorized contacts;
  • Most recent organic certificate;
  • Know your anticipated Regenerative Organic Certified® sales value;
  • Know your gross revenue;
  • Completed Product Claimed Material Worksheet or equivalent documentation providing a supply chain map and individual product formulations;
  • Drafts of all labels making a Regenerative Organic Certified® claim

Once submitted:

  • You will receive an invoice from for license fees;
  • You will receive updates about the status of your application from Be sure to add this email address to your email contacts list!
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