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This application form is intended for certification bodies who are interested in becoming certifiers to the Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC™) standard. Once an application has been received and approved, an eligible certification body will be required to meet all requirements of the ROC Certifier Requirements available here.

Before starting your application, please note the following:

  • Please be sure you have read, understood, and agree to the application requirements and have reviewed the current Framework, ROC Certifier Requirements, and Governing Documents. The latest versions of these documents are available here (
  • Certifiers must apply for Soil Health & Land Management and/or Animal Welfare pillar and Farmer and Worker Fairness pillar. By completing this application, you acknowledge that you, the certifying body, have the capacity to certify to all pillars applied for.
  • 1.0 General Information

  • If applicable, please provide a list of all offices and branches associated with the organization where ROC program activities will take place.
  • 2.0 Activities of the Organization

  • Please include the countries of operation, categories, and number of operators.
  • Please include the scope of accreditation, countries of operation, categories, and number of operators.
  • 3.0 Qualified Personnel

  • 3.3 Please list the designated personnel slated for administering ROC program activities:

  • 4.0 Certification decisions

  • 5.0 Dispute handling

  • 6.0. Acknowledgements

    By completing this application, the applicant acknowledges and agrees to the following statements:

    6.1 The organization agrees to pay the fees as published in the ROC Certifying Body Cost & Fee Structure. A copy of the CB Cost & Fee Structure may be requested by emailing A copy will automatically be sent to the applicant via email upon ROA receipt of application.

    6.2 The ROC program evaluation by the ROA will not progress until a preliminary review of the application is completed and the application is approved. Once ROA completes a preliminary review, an on-boarding package is sent to the organization, which includes instructions for completion of the document checklist and review.

    6.3 The organization agrees to ensure that their confidentially policy allows access by the ROA to all necessary information and documents deemed necessary to determine eligibility as an approved certification body to administer the ROC program.

    6.4 The ROA agrees to provide the organization access to their ROC evaluation and surveillance reports.

    6.5 The organization agrees to inform ROC client operators and subcontracted parties involved in ROC certification activities that ROA has access to all information necessary.

    6.6 The organization understands that ROC will keep its findings and reports confidential in accordance with the ROC confidentially policy. A copy of the policy is available upon request.

    6.7 The organization agrees to supply all requested information by the ROC in a timely manner and documentation shall be submitted in the English language.

    6.8 The organization shall have at least one applicant under the ROC program and meet the minimum level of personnel competency as defined in the ROC Certification Body Requirements.

    6.9 The organizational representative authorized to sign this application certifies that, to the best of their knowledge, any English translated materials submitted, accurately reflects the contents of the original documents.

  • The undersigned representative does hereby apply to the Regenerative Organic Alliance to be approved to the Regenerative Organic Certified program requirements for the three pillars of Soil and Land Management, Animal Welfare, and Social Fairness.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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