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Organic Essential Oils Available

Pavitramenthe with a rich history in sustainable agriculture and regenerative practices is one of the leading companies all over the world, certified with ROC and other organic certifications.

Pavitramenthe produces organic essential oils, which include
o Peppermint essential oil
o Spearmint essential oil
o Field mint essential oil
o Davana essential oil
o Rama basil essential oil
o Palmarosa essential oil
o Chamomile
o Eucalyptus essential oils and much more

Apart from essential oils, Pavitramenthe is one of the major producers of herbs, spices, and grains which are produced and processed with sustainable practices, non- breakable traceability, and transparency with the aim of “Together we will heal the earth”.

Contact Information:
+91-99971 99100


Ariana Rascol

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