February 2019 ROC News


We believe in a way of farming that honors all living creatures-from the trillions of microbes teeming in the earth’s crust right beneath our feet to the hard working humans who toil in the soil and the beasts who carry our burden.

Codifying this requires patience and we thank you for yours. We are proud to present to you the Regenerative Organic Certified™  Participant Handbook, the step-by-step Journey to ROC™.
It is no small feat to capture the complexity of regenerative organic farming with one single written criteria, as we explore the many nuances inherent to farming complex systems in diverse regions across the globe. It can only be distilled into a living volume that is the consensus of scientists, farmers, farmworkers, and supply web specialists with holistic expertise. It is our hope that you will use the ROC™ Participant Handbook to begin or continue your Journey to Regenerative.

May you all find the strength to continue this journey,

Elizabeth Whitlow
Executive Director, ROA

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ROC Global Pilot Updates at Expo West 

On March 8th, we are bringing the global perspective to Expo West for our exhibitor-sponsored panel discussion, the ROC™ Global Pilot Program Updates. Representatives will speak to their successes, challenges, and next steps with Regenerative Organic Certified™.

The panel will be moderated by Jeff Moyer of Rodale Institute, Elizabeth Whitlow ofRegenerative Organic Alliance, and Nova Sayers of NSF International.

Our farmer rockstar panel includes Safianu Moro of Serendipalm, Garett Long fromApricot Lane Farms, Vanessa Alexandre from Alexandre Family Farm, Marshall Johnson from Audubon’s Conservation Ranching Program, Mark Dybala of Herb Pharm, and Gabriella Zapata from Sol Simple. You can learn more about the panel on our Evenbrite page, and on the schedule for Expo West.

The Global Certification Pilot Updates are happening March 8 from 11-12:30 am in Marriott Platinum Ballroom at Expo West. This Exhibitor Panel Session is sponosred by Dr. Bronner’s and Patagonia. 

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